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2002 Military Generator, Fermont is the maker. 5kw, 60hz, 120v. Engine is an Onan diesel engine with 358 hours on it. Detailed pictures are shown, zoom in to find particulars. Has pintle hitch and connector for Humvees and other military vehicles. Has two brand new batteries and is 24 volt. Fluids have all been topped off and starts up no problem and produces electricity as you can see in the pictures. I also have videos of it running as well. These generators were built for the military and will stand up for any task, and are good for whatever use you have in mind. A backup for your house, homestead, small farm, construction area or living off the grid. This unit has not even had it's first scheduled maintenance performed which is usually around 1000 hours or so. Government build on these generators range between $23k and $25k for the 5kw MEP-802A.

$5,500 (USD)
Glenville, New York
Call: (518) 703-0245

50 KW Gen Set. Onan stationary 50 KW diesel generator with 856 hours powered by a John Deere engine. Additional photos available upon request

$9,500 (USD)
Albany, New York
Call: (518) 588-4662

New 25 KVA mobile generator, voltage selector switch (1 and 3 phase), single axle trailer, Perkins diesel engine (no def), convenience panel with Cam-locks and bus bar tabs. Fuel tank.

$22,000 (USD)
Gretna, Los Angeles
Call: (601) 790-1225

-converted from liquis propane to vapor propane w/ new solenoids & pressure reducing valves

- powerplant is a 7.4 L 454

- starts up & runs flawlessly 

- all new panels 

$64,000 (USD)
Bellingham , Washington
Call: (360) 510-1506