What does the Power Chain offer that my existing web marketing engine does not?

The Power Chain is another great way to market your trucks and equipment, giving you better ways to communicate to your customers, and more exposure of your equipment. Customers will have all the necessary items in front of them regarding purchases, freight, financing, etc. Our 3 listing options provide pictures, videos & descriptions of equipment for sale.

Does the Power Chain have experience in the truck and equipment industry?

Our staff has many years of experience selling and transporting heavy equipment throughout the united states. We are here to build relationships between the buyers and sellers

What is The Power Chain?

The Power Chain is a marketing website that offers unique services to link buyers and sellers. We provide buyers with offers on their equipment and give them the resources they need to sell their equipment.

What listing program best suits me?

Feel free to call or email our office. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions and assist you with your listings.

If I don’t see a category that my piece of equipment falls under, what do I do?

If you have an item that does not show a category, please email our office. Our website staff is constantly adding new categories and features to make listing your equipment fast and efficient.

From a buyer’s standpoint, am I buying through the Power Chain website or directly with the seller?

The Power Chain does not accept money for any transactions. Buyers and sellers work together directly.

If I want more information on a piece of equipment, do I contact Power Chain or the seller directly?

In the event you need more information on a item, you will contact the seller directly.